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SOLEK Energy Power Solutions


Corporate website presentation of an exciting young startup SOLEK Energy Power Solutions.

The carefully hand-crafted unusual website presents the solutions and services this young group of energy professionals offers on its wonderful journey of tackling the challenge of reliable and balanced energy for the 21st century. Their tailor-like customer-oriented philosophy of individual case-by-case approach to each client, and their modern and unconventional approach to energy management is deeply reflected in this website's dynamic layout. Battery energy storage systems coupled with a bespoke energy management system are the core of their business.

Exquisitely detailed illustrations by Jakub Fiala lend this website its isometric appeal, add depth and draw the visitor right in. Sloped lines bring a breath of fresh air of an upcoming change while ample whitespace provides calm soothing experience.

Lightning-fast bi-lingual responsive website is stuffed with hi-res vector artwork, turbo navigation with millisecond response-times and custom dynamic animation, 100% page speed score, just to name a few of the features hidden to the prying eyes of the public.

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